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I hope you are all well. Today I decided to share with you my favourite hair products at the moment. Let me start by telling you about my hair story. Four years ago I used to relax my hair. I was not getting any good result. I was constantly loosing hair and wasting so much money on hair relaxer. I finally had enough and decided to go natural. Wish the help of my sister I did a big chop.

My natural hair journey was not an easy one. I have a very thick 4C hair. It is very hard to work with and hard to put a comb through it. I tried so many products and also sulfate free product to help soften my hair but non of these products worked for me. I was always dreading hair wash day. A friend recommended that I use the Shea Moisture “Manuka honey & Mafura oil”. She told me the product is very good and makes your hair very soft. I decided to try it out. I found it so easy to wash my hair, it made it very soft and was able to comb it properly. I absolutely love this product and highly recommend it to all my 4C natural hair girls.

Product was purchased on Amazon. I bought the shampoo, conditioner and hair masque

              List of product

Intensive hydration HAIR MASQUE: Here , Shampoo: Here , Conditioner: Here

Do stick around to see more product reviews and also my favourite products. Xoxo…

My name is Jamila and I am a psychology student who loves art and fashion. I enjoy styling myself and others in my spare time.

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